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Dior – Rouge Liquid

Dior – Love Chain

Directed by Léo Haddad

Palladium x Brigitte

Directed by Aurélie Saada

Polo & Pan – Zoom Zoom

Directed by Noemi Ferst and Benjamin Moreau

Vogue / Pagans

Directed by Charlotte Wales

Sephora / Nars Combo

Directed by Charlotte Wales

Aura / Mugler

Directed by Warren & Nick

Stella McCartney x Sean Ellis

Introducing "Black Park" the new Stella McCartney menswear film project in a creative collaboration between director Sean Ellis, actor Cillian Murphy and Stella McCartney. Cillian's character struggles with the echoes of the past and what feels like the present in the new AW17 Men's collection, with the mood intensified by an original score created by Paul McCartney.

Enter the Void / Gaspar Noé

Générique du film de Gaspar Noé "Enter the Void"